Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, and Nutrition Services

 I LOVE my DOULA!… During my pregnancy and even postnatal she’s been wonderful. I’m beyond grateful to have her support and love during the most happy, yet emotional moments in my life. Pregnancy can take you through a whirlwind. Not to mention post baby!!!! As a Mommy of a newborn baby it’s hard to make sure I’m following through with my own well being and health. (Not purposely but time slips away). As I’m so busy tending to the needs of my Sweet Face and making sure every moment is indelible with her! (They grow fast) I even make plans to do things while baby girl is asleep but that ends up going in another direction. (Sleep when baby sleeps) The joys of Motherhood! My Doula who I now call my family and friend visits often; checking on us. One day in particular she came by and spent some time with us. She asked how I was doing. I told her as I was eating some Ritz crackers around 2:30 p.m. (My first meal of the day) She was very concerned and encouraged me to go make myself something to eat while she cared for [my daughter]. After making myself a pb&j sandwich, she insisted that she prepare some meals to make this new way of life a little easier for me. Not to mention that I’m nursing and skipping meals isn’t healthy for me or the baby. So I provided Ayanna with my choice of foods and she cooked and prepared these meals that you see here! I absolutely LOVE my Doula! Get you one! 



Birth Doula Services

I was always skeptical of needing a Doula, especially since with my previous 3 births I had awesome coaches in my Mom and husband. I figured that’s all I needed. Unfortunely those birth experiences did not go as I had hoped. I had c-sections with all three, mainly because I just went along with what I was told by my doctors without having any real information for myself. But as my husband and I welcomed our 4th child a couple months ago, we quickly realized we could not have done it without Ayanna…The Doula!

I had a VBA3C, which is almost unheard of because it seems like in the birth world, “once a cesarean, always a cesarean”. That unfortunate philosophy is not what I believe though. I always thought it was possible for me to give birth vaginally despite what the doctors told me, I just didn’t have the expertise and guidance I needed. Ayanna did, and she thought it was possible for me to have a vaginal birth as well! She supported me the ENTIRE pregnancy by getting me mentally and physically prepared for a VBA3C. She provided resources, research-based information, ever-present assurance, and even coached me through prenatal fitness routines. By the time I went into labor, things had fallen so into place it was almost magical! I had the birth experience that I always dreamed of and it was only possible because of the supportive birth team I had. My awesome husband, great OBGYN, caring nurses, and my amazing doula helped me achieve my dream.

I’m so thankful for Ayanna and her incredible knowledge and encouragement. I was blessed to have had her as my doula. I highly recommend her to anyone and EVERYONE! As doubtful as I was to hire a doula in the past, I now believe every woman should have a doula during their birthing experience.