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Mama’s Ocean is all about owning your abundant power to birth life into the World (literally and figuratively)!  Our mission is to support women/birthing individuals during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond so that they are able to make the best decisions for their body, their baby, and their families.  So whether it is the waves of a contraction or the ebbs and flow of life, remember how powerful you are.  Life happens through you, not to you.  Be the Ocean!

Meet Ayanna Binta: Doula, Childbirth Educator, Fitness Professional, Wellness Coach

When Ayanna was 11 years old she accompanied her mother to the hospital to witness the birth of her baby brother.  During that time in her life, she wanted to become an OBGYN when she grew up.  However, when it came time for college, she quickly changed her mind, instinctively knowing that the medical field was not how she wanted to enter birthwork.  Several years later, Ayanna discovered that doulas were “a thing” and she made up in her mind that one day she would become a doula.  Believing that being a mother was some kind of unspoken prerequisite to becoming a doula, she put off training indefinitely.

In 2015, Ayanna became pregnant and was excited that she would not only soon be a mother, but also a doula. Unfortunately, at eight weeks pregnant, she was told that her pregnancy was “non-viable” and she would miscarry.  Her midwife encouraged her to medically miscarry, using misoprostol and a D & C.  Not really certain if it was disbelief that her baby stopped thriving or just the fact that she didn’t want to use a pill to miscarry, but Ayanna began to do her research and chose to wait until her body released her baby on it’s own.  Navigating her own miscarriage and choosing what was best for her was the first step she had ever taken about empowered decision making in the maternal health system, but it certainly would not be her last.   Her unassisted miscarriage came when she was 12 weeks pregnant.  After that life altering experience, she knew that she was going to begin her career as a doula. In 2016, Ayanna went through training to become a birth and postpartum doula with Doula Training International.  Ayanna recently, had her rainbow baby in July of 2018 in the comfort of her own home with her significant other and midwives present.

Ayanna began working as a fitness professional in 2013, teaching mind-body infusion cardio workouts.  In 2017, she added prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist to her certifications and began teaching prenatal fitness classes.  Now, after having her own child and realizing how difficult it is to navigate activity postpartum, she is even more passionate about delivering quality evidence-based programs to parentss.

Mama’s Ocean’s is here to provide clients with tools, resources, information, and continuous support so that they can make empowered decisions about what is best for their body, their baby, and their family.  Ayanna calls herself a Lightworker and Servant-Leader.  She believes in her ability to share her Light with the world and to lead others into doing the same by being of service.  She looks forward to being of service to you!
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